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Name:Clayton Paul Davison
Birthdate:Mar 19
Location:New York, New York, United States of America
Clayton Davison, usually called Clay by those close to him, is the only child in his family, in contrast to his uncle's family, where there were four kids, two girls and two boys. Clay grew up very close to his cousins, especially cousin Marty, with whom he usually ended up getting into some sort of mischief along the way. The pair of them had a lot of the same interests, and got along well. That wasn't to say that he didn't also get on well with Mikey and the rest of his cousins, either. The family in general was pretty close all around, and Clay grew up surrounded by love and a lot of fun along the way. His parents always hoped to see the kids all grow up and remain close, but Clay was always the kind of guy who had the heart of a wanderer. He loves traveling and being all over the place. He got his first motorcycle at 18, after having saved all the way through high school for it, and ever since, he's been in love with the open road.

He did manage good grades in school, and went on to college at NYU, where he double majored in journalism and creative writing. Upon graduation, he did a trip by motorcycle across Europe, chronicling his journeys in a journal, which he later used to create a travel guide for motorcyclists in Europe. He ended up having it published -- after more than a few tries -- and received a deal for more books, leading him to travel throughout Australia, parts of Asia, the UK, and North and South America, all by motorcycle. He's spent several years away from home, but as much as he loves traveling, he also loves his family, and after all the time he's spent traveling, he has been more than ready to get back to New York, complete with another book deal, this time for a memoir of his travels and the time he spent on the road. He's been in New York about three months now, excited to spend time with his cousins, Mikey and Charli, and hoping to hear from Marty again soon.


Clayton has always been incredibly friendly, which is part of why he loves travel so much. He's got a bit of a bad boy edge to him, but right down at heart, he's a sweetheart. He loves deeply and passionately, and while he's a bit of a mantart when he's single, he's never cheated when he was dating someone. In recent years, he's done a lot of playing the field throughout different countries, and has had lovers in many many places, but lately, he's more hopeful that he'll end up coming across someone he can settle down and be happy with.
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